Launch :: New Planes Public Press Issue 2

August 30th 2011


Where would we be without great writers? Shakespeare invented over 1700 of our common words, Phase2 invented bubble graffiti, and I’m pretty sure Henry Miller invented sex. We owe them; big time. Thankfully, New Planes Public Press is relieving some of that debt, marching head first into the wilds of literary innovation. The fledgling press launches its second issue this Thursday, in a manner befitting its theme ‘The Page as a Performance Site’. To celebrate, Flog performed a few questions with New Planes' Lisa Lerkenfeldt to get the 411.


Flog: Tell me the story of New Planes' birth? Is s/he a bastard child? An accident? Or had the time just come?

Lisa Lerkenfeldt: New Planes is parent free and like any open-model or organism it's constantly evolving, learning and changing. New Planes Public Press was initiated out of fascination with communication and rejects acceptance as the status quo.

What can we expect from issue 2? Growing up fast? Already looking at college applications?

Issue 2 is the result of the erasure of boundaries and subversion of roles and features the excellence of over 30 humans. The content is informed by a theme: The Page as a Performance Site. There's a central unit of PDFs. Through this process contributors were encouraged to try on roles of design and editor. Visual columns by Nic Warnock and Stephanie Overs critique the desire of image. Recent Sculptures Drawn from Memory by Charles Dennington and Tully Arnot exhibits an alternative phase of a collaborative creative practice. Kate Moss interviews Isis Aquarius of The Source Family commune. Garry Trihn puts himself in a situation outside of art gallery toilets. Hellen Rose digs into her radical performance art archives. There is concrete poetry and a QRcode that leads the reader through an iPhone app to an online audio interview.

I know you like your experimental and innovative writing; do you have any favourite writers at the moment that epitomize that for you?

Trinie Dalton is a writer, curator, visual artist and excellent being, whose story Hairpin Scorpion features in NPPP2. Her rigorous way of thinking is grounded by a civic anthropology and is inspired by wilderness. She's into domestic supernaturalism, interdisciplinary practices and contributes to a conversation on the shifting nature of contemporary fiction. She put me onto two Fluxus heads: Lucy Lippard who made critical headway in book arts and Bruno Munari who examined the book as a visual object, so for me, right now, that's stimulating data.


And what will issue 3 bring? Do you think you’ll ever see grandchildren?

Issue 3 explores autonomy and activism. A central unit will examine ‘The Page as a Maxi-pad’ – women’s issues by women and men. Proposals for Issue 3 are now open.

New Planes Public Press welcomes literary form pushing, experimental page use, heuristic techniques, print adventures that spur travel across multiple media, pre-formed artwork, lyrics, poetry and collaborative projects.

In October New Planes will co-present a sound book and broadcast a happening over radio waves in collaboration with Siberia Records. It's about noise, silence and cellular harmony. Join our cult


What: New Planes Public Press Issue 2 launch

Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale

When: Thursd


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