Culture: Last Adventure at Winter Wonderland

June 3rd 2015


There is nothing like the thrill you get from Amusement Parks as a child.
Haling your body down rollercoasters that leave your stomach behind, getting
lost inside the dark and sweaty halls of the haunted house and the sheer variety of foods you can get on a stick!


You can feel your nostalgia strings pulse just thinking about it. The pleasures of gallivanting through amusement parks as a child can only be met with the thrill of exploring abandoned parks as an adult. On June 6th Western Sydney’s abandoned theme park Adventureland will be creaking open its gates for a one-night cutting edge contemporary art event.

The park will be shocked back to life with music, installations and performances. Artist and curator Zanny Begg has pulled together a worthy group of Sydney-based artists to celebrate “the carnival, the grotesque, the horror and the psychedelic”.

The night is titled Last Adventure as a farewell to the phenomena of the theme park. The project is in collaboration with Campbelltown Arts Centre and UNSW Art & Design. Students from the Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership are curating a satellite event.

The students are calling out for photos or stories from those who remember the park in its hay day in the 90s. As the landscape of Western Sydney is changing and Adventureland’s run is almost up, they want to bring together the community in their celebration.

Any one with a story is encouraged to send them through to



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