Koi Child Interview: Working With Kevin Parker On Their Debut Album

March 23rd 2016

Koi Child

  • Koi Child :: Interview with Stephen Goodhew


Shannon Patterson and Christian Ruggiero from Koi Child came into the studio to talk with FBi’s music director Stephen Goodhew about the making of their debut self-titled album. Produced by Kevin Parker, the raw energy of their jazz and hip hop fusion earned a place for Koi Child as FBi’s album of the week in mid March.

Speaking with Stephen after a sold-out show at Newtown Social Club, Shannon and Christian share the story of their relationship with Kevin Parker. After watching the band play one of their first shows, Parker helped pack up their drums and later offered them a slot supporting Tame Impala play Rottnest Island. It became clear the band was worth taking on, even if they didn’t have a name.

“He was like ‘What’s your band name?’ – and we didn’t have one at the time. ‘Who’s your manager?’ We didn’t have one.”

Parker soon offered to mix and produce their album, with singles like ‘1-5-9′ and ‘Black Panda’ gaining the band huge national exposure.  The creation process was largely left to Koi Child in the recording studio, with Parker allowing them to carry out their vision for the album.

“I think from the very beginning… he encouraged us to do what we want and sort of sat back from behind the window, it was all us, we were in charge… He made us pretty comfortable in doing what we wanted to from the very start.”

It might have been intimidating having Kevin Parker listen to their tracks in the next room, but it was going from a three piece to a seven piece that was the real challenge. Between meeting Kevin Parker and recording the album, the band picked up four additional members. Despite the increase of opinions in the studio, Koi Child have delivered a unique record at the intersection of jazz, soul and Australian hip hop. With the recent increase of hip hop and jazz mingling in music, their only concern for the future is:

“It might be harder to be original the next time we write an album.”

Koi Child plan to take a short break once they’ve finished their scheduled shows, but reckon they’ll be keen to start writing again in no time. Listen above for the full interview and a play of their track 1-5-9.



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