Legitimate Premise Alert! Kelsey Lu live review w/ cello.

June 17th 2019

Kelsey Lu Tanya Ali

Costume changes, candid admissions and cello – it was Kelsey Lu live as recreated by FBi Radio’s own Tanya Ali and Peter Hollo.

Wednesday Arvos host Tanya Ali went along to the first of three Vivid Live performances by Kelsey Lu in the Sydney Opera House’s Utzon Room and reviewed it, accompanied by Tangents member and host of Utility Fog Peter Hollo on cello.  It was a very special and at times, surprising performance. And Kelsey Lu was great too.

Watch the review below in which Tanya gives a blow-by-blow account of Lu’s first Sydney show, and Peter brings all the majesty and grace of the performance to life on screen!


Catch Tanya on Arvos every Monday from 3pm, and Peter on Utility Fog Sundays from 9pm.


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