The multi-disciplinary multi-instrumentalist multi-amazing Shoeb Ahmad

March 8th 2019

Photo: Patrick Cox

  • Shoeb Ahmad :: Interview with Tanya Ali

Almost a year since the release of ‘quiver,’ multidisciplinary artist Shoeb Ahmad comes in to chat about the album that pays homage to the intricacies of gender, identity, religion and race – a perfect conversation piece for International Women’s Day. She spoke to Tanya Ali to keep that conversation going.

Splitting her time between playing in a jazz trio, creating art installations and becoming a musical academic, Ahmad finds comfort in creating a musical safe space for those who need it. A space made even comfier with twists of post-punk and electronic pop weaving their way into the mix.

“It’s an honour that I’m able to communicate things for people in their own way and allow them to not feel alone. It’s a pretty extraordinary thing and I’m amazed at myself that I was even able to come out of my own shell.”

Listen back up top to hear about her upcoming projects, the unified sounds of saxophones and keyboards, and slide into her collaborative project ‘Spartak’ while she’s right there beside you to guide you through it all.



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