Introducing No Mono: Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon’s new project

February 16th 2018

  • No Mono :: Interview with Maia Bilyk
  • No Mono :: Butterflies (Live)


Ahead of two sold out Sydney shows, No Mono debuted their live performance on Lunch with Maia Bilyk. Together, Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon reveal where the name No Mono comes from and how making music for them is all about “the feeling”.


Tom Snowdon: “It’s less of a thought thing and more of an intuitive or feeling thing that drives the project… We’re both curious about messing with songs a bit and how we can make them sound really effective in a particular way. So we spend a lot of time making sounds and reinventing our songs and experimenting with things.”


The two met when Snowdon’s band, Low Lakes, supported Iansek’s band Big Scary a couple years ago. A quick friendship turned into musical chemistry when Iansek emailed Snowdon the piano line to what would become ‘Return To’ by #1 Dads. That was the first taste of what would turn into No Mono, and one of biggest hits for one of Iansek’s many projects.

The experience was enough for the Toms to know they wanted to make something more. Although there was uncertainty around what they would create exactly, or that what they would become was made up of just the two of them, the feeling of getting lost in the music was enough for them.


Tom Iansek: “There’s a lot we have to say musically and there’s a large volume of songs. I just love making stuff, I love to make as much stuff as possible.”


Their drive to amplify this feeling translates to the band’s thought provoking lyrics and captivating vocals as a shared song writing project. Hear the magic for yourself – listen to their spine-tingling live performance of their debut single above.



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