Kllo chat writing in hotel rooms & creating outside your comfort zone

November 1st 2017

  • Kllo :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis

Melbourne electronic pop duo Kllo chatted with Darren Lesaguis about life on the road, makeshift studio set ups and what happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

From depressing hotel rooms on tour to a Croatian beachside Airbnb, there’s plenty to unpack when exploring the writing process behind Kllo’s debut album.

“A lot of it was pretty unconventional… A lot of it was me recording vocals on the bed or on the floor, half asleep. Simon [would be] siting on a wheely chair with a little midi controller playing keys.”

A long way from home, the collaborative cousins had to adapt to their atypical surroundings.

“We weren’t in our comfort zone and a lot of the places that we put ourselves in emotionally really affected the process,” says vocalist and keyboardist Chloe Kaul.

Reflecting on what the output might have sounded like had it been recorded in a typical studio environment, producer Simon Lam imagines something “a lot more consistent, and maybe not in a way we would have liked.”

The change of scenery worked a treat. A recent FBi album of the week ‘Backwater’, Kllo’s debut exists somewhere between UK garage, R&B and dewy electronic pop, pairing dusky synths with glitchy propulsive percussion and mesmerising vocals.

Listen to the full chat as Kllo discuss what music they’re currently inspired by and how they’re prepping for summer’s upcoming shows.


WHO: Kllo
WHEN: Friday December 8, 7pm
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory
HOW MUCH: $28.90, more info here