Introducing Club World, a Switch series

February 21st 2024

  • Switch with Sandro :: Club World: Baile Funk
“A core part of SWITCH is tapping into club scenes from around the globe, highlighting the connections between them and blending them up on the decks. But we don’t often get to dive deep into the culture and history of each of these genres when we’re splicing them together at hyperspeed.”

Last Friday on SWITCH Sandro and Maz took a deep dive into the increasingly popular genre of baile funk. They were joined by a bunch of incredible guests; Brazilian DJs and event curators who are pushing baile funk into the future, Western producers whose viral soundcloud edits have caught the world’s attention, and local scene stalwarts who’ve seen funk’s rise over the last two decades.

“If you’re DJing baile funk in your sets, stacking it in your playlists or shaking ass to it in the club, this show is honestly an essential listen. It will connect you to the roots of the sound we all love, give you a glimpse into its wild future, and ground you in the local community representing Afro-Brazilian culture in so-called Australia.”

This episode is the first in a new series on SWITCH called Club World. Join Sandro on Friday nights as he pulls together mixes and interviews from vital artists and cultural figures, while painting a picture of the connections between dancefloors in our city and across the globe. Listen to part 1 at the top now, or via the SWITCH Soundcloud.


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