Interview :: Thrashing Without Looking

July 31st 2012

There’s a guy in Japan who custom built himself some video goggles so he could date his favourite video game character. I have a feeling that Thrashing Without Looking, a performance by Aphids artists utilising video goggles, is more about using this technology to reframe and examine real-life socialisation and interaction.

I caught up with Aphids artistic director Willoh S. Weiland as they were about to bump in for their stint at Performance Space and talked about the artist-run organisation model of Aphids and going bananas in the theatre.


Performance Space season “Show On” also features works by Applespiel, Force Majeur, Tamara Saulwick, Back to Back Theatre and Rramp. Join their mailing list for news and cheap tickets.

What: Thrashing Without Looking
Who: Artists Martyn Coutts, Elizabeth Dunn, Tristan Meecham, Alan Nguyen, Lara Thoms and Willoh S.Weiland. Co-presented by Performance Space and Performing Lines
Where: Carriage Works, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
When: 1-4 August, 6, 8 and 9.30 pm
How much: $20-30, book here




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