Real Estate talk Dreaming, Achieving, and Working with Horses

September 7th 2017

  • Real Estate :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis

Real Estate have just released their fourth album, ‘In Mind’. Martin Courtney (lead vocals, guitar) and Alex Bleeker (bass, vocals) sat down with Darren Lesaguis to chat video clips, genre labels and moments of realisation.

“It was just kind of like a dream,” Bleeker tells Darren Lesaguis on Arvos. Courtney admits to being even more circumspect: “I didn’t really even dream about it that much…The closest I got was really hoping that one day I’d be able to go on tour.”

The thought that Real Estate would one day be a successful, self-sustaining band, and that both Courtney and Bleeker, childhood friends from New Jersey, would be professional musicians, was absurd until it became true. It’s just as well that it did. “We didn’t have any other plans,” jokes Bleeker.

Asked to pinpoint when his dream of being professional musicians became reality, Bleeker recounts a rehearsal years ago. He was late and could hear the band rehearsing as he walked up the stairs. The song was ‘Fake Blues’, off their debut album. “This is real,” he thought.

Now, eight years and three albums later, it seems as though the dream of a band was only the first to come to fruition. Real Estate’s latest release, ‘In Mind’, features a number of interactive multimedia videos, including a silent film clip with tablature, and an animated video that allows you to create your own colour scheme – both for their single ‘Stained Glass’. Also, the video for their single ‘Darling’ features a mysterious horse. Please watch, and listen to the full interview above.

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