Interview + Giveaway :: Popstrangers

March 1st 2013


Popstrangers. Like shoegaze, only the shoes are technicolour and have velcro straps. We had a digital conversation with Dave Larsen from the band.


Sandro (Flog): This is the first LP for Popstrangers. Was it a different writing process from the EP?

Dave: I wouldn’t say a different writing process, but we definitely were writing for an album this time around, and wanted more ideas to work with.  It wasn’t as rushed as an EP.

S: The album is called ‘Antipodes’. Did you set out to create a body of work based around that theme?

D: No, I think the album catches a time when the band was shaping our own sound more and more, and leaving some things behind.  The Antipodes theme seems to be more relevant now as we have a whole world out there we want to tour and so on, and how much harder that is living in the Antipodes.

Where did the recording take place?

D: We recorded at this studio in Mt Eden (Auckland) called the Lab which back in the 1930s was an old Dance Hall. You really had no idea what time of the day it was down there as we were in the basement, which made for an interesting time…

S: You guys get the pleasure of supporting Dinosaur Jr soon. Seeing as though you have the opportunity, do you plan on licking their faces? It’s not an uncommon dream.

D: Yeah – we are really happy to be supporting them! As for licking their faces? I’m sure someone in the band might succumb to that!

S: You are of course headlining an album launch tour around Australia and New Zealand at long last. Can we expect some out of control antics now that you’re totally famous rockstars and stuff?

D: Yeah, we are on the New Zealand tour right now and can’t wait to get over to Australia. I’d say there will be some surprises over there.  Different things happen everywhere we go, and I’m sure there will be some antics.

S: What about your prospects beyond down under? Your album is getting released on Carpark in the US which must be exciting. Do you ever plan on moving to the northern hemisphere?

D: Yeah it’s great to be working with Carpark.  The plan is to be touring in the Northern hemisphere for the remainder of the year, so we will actually be relocating to the UK shortly after the Australian tour.


WHAT :: Popstrangers w/ Bearhug & Bored Nothing

WHEN :: Thursday 7 March

WHERE :: Goodgod Small Club

HOW MUCH :: $12.25 + BF Nab some tickets here!




We have TWO double passes to this triple-header gig at Good God Small Club. Email and tell us what you’d call a supergroup made up of Popstrangers, Bearhug and Bored Nothing.


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