Interview: Keep On Dancin’s

April 13th 2012

LTL: Keep On Dancin’s are a band that still exist “thanks to sheer tyranny of will”. What are some of the more intense/crazy situations you’ve had to battle while being in the group?

KOD: When we were last in Sydney, we did an allnighter and got to the airport at 5am. On the tarmac, we mistakenly drank from an emergency chemical eye wash bubbler. At the time, we thought the dual fountain action was genius in its design, because we were all parched and it meant we could quench our thirst in pairs. It was an innocent mistake, but we got in trouble by security, nearly missed the flight and then vomited on the plane.


Your influences also include “falling on hard times” and “reverb”. Please tell us more!

We’re a bit of a downer band; we mostly play slow depressing songs. Everyone can relate to falling on hard times! Reverb adds a touch of dreaminess to our songs. We all love that sound that comes from bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Beach House, Mazzy Star and Cat Power.


So when you’re not wearing out the reverb pedals, what have been the most unusual sound/instrument you’ve used in your music?

We were going to introduce theremin to the set and we even went out and bought one – top of the range. Then we broke it.


What’s the strangest gig you’ve ever played?

Not sure if we’ve ever played a show that was particularly unusual … the strangest show we DIDN’T play was Jon Spencer Blues Explosion which was scheduled for the 11th of January last year – Brisbane flood eve. The show was pulled at the last minute. It was a surreal couple of days.


What’s the most unconventional topic you’ve covered in your lyrics?

Our song Hewitt Eyes is about is about Jennifer-Love Hewitt and the way she contorts her eyes to Thomas the Tank Engine-like proportions, particularly during emotional love scenes. Our suspicion is she picked this trick up from her Party of Five co-star, Neve Campbell. We call this B-grade movie actress trait ‘Train Eyes’ and we won’t be fooled by it.


If you had to offer any of your lyrics as love advice (or life advice), you would offer …

Keep On Dancin’!


What are the most useful lyrics you’ve heard in a song?

“I’m just an old chunk of coal/But I’m gonna be a diamond someday” – Johnny Cash. (This lyric gives hope to the idea that perhaps we too can be diamonds someday.)


Do you think the town you live in affects your music in any way?

Brisbane has a very healthy live music scene. If it doesn’t affect the way we sound, it certainly helps to be surrounded by a bunch of great bands and music lovers who offer endless support and encouragement. Not a bad place to be.


Favourite person you have performed with/recorded with…

We’ve had a great run, playing with so many of our local favourites including Velociraptor, Blank Realm, Cannon and The Madisons – the list goes on. Kellie Lloyd was a highlight for obvious reasons(she rules) and The Sulphur Lights have always been near and dear to us, their shows are few and far between, so it’s always a special occasion when we get to play with them.


Outside of Keep On Dancin’s, you spend your time …

We enjoy YouTube parties, burgers, socialising, chippies, swimming and beer (the working man’s nectar).


Next for you is …

After we finish launching ‘The End of Everything’ on vinyl, we plan to make a new record!! We’re going to do it ourselves this time… lake-side.. on the Sunshine Coast. We’re so lazy that if we don’t dress it up as a holiday it won’t get done. We’re all going to New York later in the year too, who knows we might even play a show??



WHO: Keep On Dancin’s + Atom Bombs
WHEN: Friday April 20, 8pm
WHERE: Gallery Bar, Oxford Art Factory Darlinghurst


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