Interview :: Jack Jeweller on MUSECOLOGY Round One

December 8th 2011


Do you drag your feet out of gigs in Sydney, disappointed that although the band was on fire and the sound was great and some hottie bought you a drink, no one, not ONE person, got punched out cold? Do you glance back at the stage, watch the drummer take down his kit, and wish the bassist would take him out with one crashing swing of his guitar? Want more mega-violence with your music?

Though they’re not promising any actual injuries, some clever collaborators in Sydney are playing with those ideas. MUSECOLOGY: Round One is the first in a bunch of conceptual events presented by Siberia Records and former Black & Blue director Jack Jeweller with help from City of Sydney. Each different night will explore a theme arising from that venue’s spatial history. First up, in exploring the idea of machismo, the collaborators are bouncing off the boxing ring ropes at Woolloomooloo’s PCYC. “They were more than happy to hire out their training ring for our performance,” says Jeweller of the unusual space, which inspired the night’s focus on violence and physical energy. Jeweller says the artists were driven to explore new spaces “as a nod to autonomous non-commercial venues that are slowly becoming extinct and as a fuck you to the fusion food dickheads who turn the Excelsior into a bloody gourmet Vietnam-esque, tapas, wanker congregations.” Gloves on then.

“Australia has a fierce history of bloke-ish macho,” Jeweller says, and this produces a pride that is “both productive and destructive.” Those ideas will play out across multiple mediums on the night. A documentary about the first African-American heavyweight champion will start after the bell, while sonic experimentalist Kirin J Callinan does his warm up stretches. Sound artist Justice Yeldham will bring the blood; his live show involves his skin and discarded shards of glass. As for BAADD (some “confrontationalists” from Melbourne) and FORCES (a “militaristic” male duo), who knows—their shows must be so macho not even the Internet will write about them. Jeweller and Siberia have picked an artistic team to right-hook everything they hate about cultural commercialism, and it’s different to anything this city’s seen lately.

What: MUSECOLOGY: Round One by Siberia Records and Jack Jeweller

Where: Woolloomooloo PCYC, Cnr Cathedral and Riley St

When: EARLY START – screenings from 2pm and performances from 6pm

How Much: $10 on the door


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