Interview :: evenbooks

August 3rd 2011

Those busty bastions of booze, brains and books are back, and they have BYO-ed funny. For one night only, Alice Fenton and Angela Bennetts will take over Surry Hills Late-Night Library for a fun-filled show-down anchored in the question: are women funny? (Spoiler: they are. We use tampons, which are pretty much the most ridiculous-looking things ever.)

Inspired by Tina Fey (respect) and Sarah Silverman (amen!), the night will include a debate on that very topic (with luminaries from FBi and The Chaser), doody cookies (what? see below), caricatures of your face and an homage to Alec Baldwin courtesy of Bams&Ted!

Here are some BONUS funny things they said to us this week. Don't say we never do anything for you.

FBi: Say something funny.

evenbooks: Something funny

This is the first time evenbooks has hosted a debate, right? Why did you choose that format for the event?

Actually, we had a debate ages ago at our Zombies vs Vampire party. It was a bit of an impromptu (drunk) affair, but it was definitely a debate. We can't remember who won, but at one point a particularly vocal vampire yelled out "DOUBLE PENETRATION" which seemed to stop the zombies in their tracks.

This time around we're doing a debate as it really suits the venue, and also the books that the event is themed around. Both Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman love to take people on, and really it's just much more fun to argue about something than for everyone to stand around agreeing. Also, um, Christopher Hitchens? That calls for debate, and with our event being all about funny women, we couldn't resist.

You're a book club, but this is the first event you've staged in a library. Excited much? Surry Hills Library is doing some mighty fine things right now.

Nah, we’re kinda just like, whatever, meh … KIDDING! Late Night Library is wearing the Amazepants to our Bedpants at the moment. The City of Sydney and Eddie Sharp are doing a great job of putting on sweet nights that don’t even require a five-finger discount. We are proud to bring the classiness down a notch for our night.

Where has evenbooks been lately, and where is it going?

We've been here, just, like, reading books and having jobs and being all busty and important. Oh, that was meant to be "busy" but busty is funnier. EVERYONE LISTEN – Even Books has been on hiatus because we're much too busty!

As for the second part of the question, we're headed towards world domination, aka creating a new series for HBO. The first stop on this mission (after Thursday's event) is a new monthly segment of FBi's art and culture show, Canvas. Other upcoming plans include having a stall at the Serial Space Suitcase Market and putting together another zine. Clearly after that HBO won't be able to say no.

What is a doody cookie?

In her show, Sarah Silverman is equal parts obsessed with a televised weekly competition called Cookie Party!, and less frequently televised human excretions called doodies. In one episode Sarah and her sister get to go on the show after Sarah pretends to be the mayor and calls in a favour with the host, a cheaply lipsticked man trussed up like a Southern Bell


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