Interview :: Black Zeros

June 7th 2013

If you want to make some music these days, the recording process is pretty affordable for the average Joe. This enables a lot of uninspired bands to make well-recorded songs. More importantly though, it leaves a gap for bands like Black Zeros to stand out. By recording their songs in such a raw way, the quality of the songwriting shines brighter than it ever could have before.

The Flog’s Joseph Smith chatted to Joe Jackson of Black Zeros and got her (shameless) top five songs of all time. Yep, both the interviewee and the interviewer are named Joe – we couldn’t think of a joke but it’s still hilarious.


Joseph (Flog): Ok, Joe, where do you hail from and where are you living now?

Joe (Black Zeros): I’m from Brisbane. I only moved to Sydney 3 years ago, and I am now living in Cronulla. My parents still live in Brisbane though so I tend to go back as much as I can.

Joseph: What are some of Black Zeros’ musical and artistic influences?

Joe: I have so many influences that really help me musically, but they are all so different. I find it really hard to keep things one genre and so I end up writing heaps of different stuff I cant even use. I love The Ramones and how simple their drum beats are, and how fast and short their songs are. I wouldn’t really even say they have the most influence on me though. Wavves and Best Coast are also huge influences.

Joseph: When did you kick off Black Zeros? Has it been a strenuous effort or did you just decide one day ‘yep, I’m forming a band’?

Joe: Haha yeah kinda, i found a guitar and made up a couple of songs, and then just jokingly played an art show. Then started playing some proper shows. We have been playing live shows for just under a year though. June 2nd last year I think was our first show ever.

Joseph: Who was in the original band and why has it recently changed?

Joe: The band originally started with me on guitar and my boyfriend on drums. Neither of us knew how to play whatsoever, but it was heaps fun. Then we started getting shows so I sadly traded him for Matt. Then Matt continued to drum for me until I found Dom and Joel who are my new members. Matt could never be a permanent drummer which kinda sucked – he was really busy with his other job.

Joseph: When did you sweep in Dom and Joel? 

Joe: Dom and Joel have been playing in BZ for about 2 months now. It’s all moving so fast which is awesome. As soon as they joined we had some cool shows! It’s also fun having boys my age in the band too – they’re such ruckuses.

Joseph: The whole indie/punk sound is getting pretty popular of late (with fellas like Bleeding Knees Club, DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats on the up-and-up). Would you say having the female influence on the band sets you apart from the aforementioned bands and others alike?

Joe: Yeah i guess its really easy to play surfy/punky music. I personally don’t like many female singers, so I find it hard to like my own music. But i have a husky voice I guess, makes it bearable haha. I think being a female though has its ups and downs haha.

Joseph: To finish up, what are your 5 top songs of all time? They can be influences; similar sounding tracks too your own; or just jams you have always loved for reasons unspeakable!

Joe: Umm at the moment I am obsessed with the song ‘Come On Eileen’. It makes me wanna go to a dodgy pub in the middle of nowhere, get really drunk and dance all night…and it has to be raining.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

Queen – Play The Game

The Ramones – Chainsaw

Orange Juice – Falling and Laughing

If you like what you hear, Black Zeros are ripping Sydney a new one tonight. Gig details below.

Who: Bleeding Knees Club + Sures + Black Zeros

When: 8pm, Friday June 17

Where: Goodgod Small Club

How Much: 15 clams + booking fee


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