Inside Jokes: An Audio Comedy Mentorship Program

February 8th 2021

Artwork by Karina Aslikyan

Introducing Inside Jokes – FBi Radio’s bespoke audio comedy mentorship program set to incubate the next gen of radio comedy superstars!

The last 18 months has seen a huge drop in opportunities for emerging comics to find their feet. Enter Inside Jokes: a training ground designed to foster the audio comedy-making skills of local emerging talent.

Current mentees are receiving:

  • Broadcaster training
  • Mentorship with comedy professionals
  • Access to a meeting space and audio-making tools
  • A programmed season of your own comedy program on FBi Radio
  • AND a spot at a comedy industry showcase to perform LIVE at the end of the mentorship program

Stay tuned to hear more from the class of Inside Jokes 2021!

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