Independent Artist of the Week: Zombeaches

December 1st 2020

Zombeaches harness the optimistic yearnings of tomorrow whilst maintaining the liberating essence of a ‘carpe diem’ attitude. With their wailing garage aesthetic, their debut album is ten chapters of thrilling.

Melbourne five-piece Zombeaches have always performed for an audience. With the unrivalled ability to pack a one-two on stage, the studio has been a beast of a different kind. Struggling in the past to adapt to the controlled nature of the recording process, their most recent attempt was a shimmering success.

At the relaxed hands of producer Mikey Young, Zombeaches thrived in the casual space created in a tin-clad shed at Point Leo Boat Club (south of Melbourne). This foreshore setting was the perfect spot for three days of trial and error, and then perfection.

‘Cheers to the Future’ is an ode to the past two years of tribulations of lead vocalist and lyricist, James Young. Rather than lament on these experiences, the band embrace the chaos of life’s tragedies and nod to the gratitude of now. Transcending suffering in the passionate name of Aussie garage-rock, the title track raises a glass to healing and strength of self.

Screaming guitars clash over while Young’s raspy tones fight to be heard over the wall of sounds, asking:

“Cut me I’m clean/Wash me I’ll bleed. Cheers to the future, you’re all I need.”

Reverb heavy and prone to soured inflections, Zombeaches wrestle punk authority. Fiercely wielding a commitment to the genre with notable distortion, the inclusion of a saxophone stamps out comparison and renders their sounds entirely theirs.

Enjoy the zestful positivity of Zombeaches’ ‘Cheers to the Future’ below:

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