Independent Artist of the Week: Chakra Efendi

November 12th 2019

Chakra Efendi

Chakra Efendi’s new double A-side release ‘Morphine / Body By the Water’ demonstrates the perfect balance of angst and optimism found in that of an introspective, nomadic, adolescent mind.

Constant travel between their father’s home village in Indonesia and Australia placed young Efendi in a context of accelerated maturation, now rawly communicated through vivid and poetic soundscapes beyond their years.

With compelling lyricism, Chakra Efendi explores themes of isolation and assimilation within the two anecdotal singles. The tasteful layering of grungy guitar riffs, bright piano and brooding vocals rattle the cages of indie rock and produce a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. Efendi has created cathartic anthems for fellow insomniacs and contemplative souls alike. Chakra explains;

“I feel like this release is a great representation of my personal growth, artistically and consciously…although I don’t believe that the songs are an accurate representation of who I am now, I do believe that they are the perfect documentation of maturity, providing insight into who I was at the time of writing them.”

Having racked up over 135k streams on a series of Soundcloud demos, Chakra Efendi has since garnered quite a following, increasingly as the product of impressive live shows with their five-piece band.

Watch the video for Chakra Efendi’s latest single “Body by the Water” below.

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