Independent Artist of the Week: Optic Nerve

September 15th 2021


  • Optic Nerve :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Rejecting the shackles of typical punk band categorisation, Gadigal-based Optic Nerve focus on exploring beauty in a violent world.

When asked to describe Optic Nerve’s sound for a new listener, singer Jackie says “I think it’s really complex, because the songs are really intricate, but if you still had to describe it in one word, we’d still be a hardcore band.”

Hardcore band they are, and much much more. Other key descriptors they like to use are “frantic”, “chaotic”, “bright treble-y guitars”and “rolling bass and drums”. Optic Nerve serve a genuine genre melting pot of country, punk, post-punk and hardcore, but explosive and high fidelity sounds are always guaranteed.

Enthusiastic listeners in the YouTube comments section of the band’s latest EP ‘In A Fast Car Waving Goodbye’ have drawn parallels to American contemporaries like The Minutemen, Big Boys and Sacchrine Trust. While these observations are apt and well-earned, Optic Nerve definitely display that signature Sydney sound. Comparisons and influences aside, it’s Optic Nerve’s unique delivery of hardcore nihilism, furious vocals and raucous composition that set them apart from the pack.

Listen to Jackie & Joel chat to Courtney on Up For It up top & immerse yourself in their EP ‘In A Fast Car Waving Goodbye’ below.

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