Independent Artist of the Week :: Woodes x Elkkle

May 21st 2015

woodes x elkkle

Both Woodes and Elkkle have gone from strength to strength over their musical careers, and it is here that they have brought their talents together to create something not quite of this world.

Both have a natural ability to create an atmosphere of mystic beauty in their releases, and in a way, their collaboration is the natural intersection of their career paths. Both Woodes and Elkkle are on the fast-track to success with the former coming off his sublimely introspective EP Meandering Thing, and vocalist/producer Woodes’ highly successful collaborative project ‘Decisions’ with Atticus Beats in late 2014.

On their first dual effort ‘Muddy’, Woodes’ haunting vocals entrance you like the call of a siren into the dark, swaying woods of Elkkle’s thoughtfully sparse instrumentation. There it remains, holding your rapt attention until it unfolds into a climactic chorus that shines through like sunlight, or divine intervention.

Separately, these were both artists to look out for in the future; together, it feels like they could achieve anything.

Listen to Woodes x Elkkle’s track ‘Muddy’:


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