Independent Artist of the Week :: White Dog

June 22nd 2015


White Dog are a carnivorous 4-piece band playing lean and mean Sydney punk.

Their new 7” 452A was named after the ‘hovel’ that the band lived in, and a song that doesn’t even appear on the EP. Built upon a zen-like charter in mid-2014 to write songs as hard and fast as possible, the six-and-a-half minute release stands true and strong to their ambitions, and it’s clear from their release that they work just as hard as they play.


Their closing track ‘No Good’ has a grit and energy that leaves you pining for beer-soaked floors, big amps and White Dog at the helm of a set so furious you emerge from the pit with half the clothes you walked in with, a mild concussion and some great memories.

If you’re wondering where the guts have gone in the Sydney underground scene, White Dog has the fire and the fury, and they’re delivering it to a gig-space near you. In the meantime, you can check out their BandCamp here


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