Independent Artist of the Week :: WAAX

July 27th 2015


WAAX‘s gritty, get-in-your-face punk-rock is ready to tear through your eardrums.

The Brisbane quartet have been cutting their teeth on the east coast for a few months, perfecting the rowdy energy that made them such a success in their home town, and landing some pretty serious gigs along the way with bands such as Kingswood, The Delta Riggs, Stonefield and White Lung. 

Following their single ‘Wisdom Teeth’, WAAX’s latest release ‘I for an Eye’ steps it up with a delightfully indignant thrash-anthem. Fronted by the terrifying Marie DeVita, the vocals grip you by the shoulders and don’t let you go until the last cymbal crash.

In interviews about its accompanying music video, DeVita said that she was keen to “smash shit up”, and there really is no better way to describe the WAAX ethic and aesthetic than those three words.

You can check both tracks on their Soundcloud here.


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