Independent Artist Of The Week :: Vallis Alps

March 3rd 2015


Ease into oblivion with this able duo.

Listening to Vallis Alps is like hopping into a made-up bed. You almost wish to give up on sleep due to the tidiness of the sound, until you realise the comfort that the aural slumber offers. The result of the union between Canberra’s Parissa Torif and Seattle’s David Ansari, their debut EP is a dream worth remembering.

Whether they are floating around the higher registers or settling in to a lower groove, Parissa’s vocals sit perfectly atop the equally gentle production. While electronic music at its core – with sequenced and driving beats, warped vocals, and synthesised swells – David seamlessly blends analogue instrumentation into the mix. A creamy electric guitar features prominently in the superb opener and lead single, ‘Youth’, an acoustic guitar jangles along in ‘Oh!’, and a piano is the main accompaniment on EP closer, ‘Reprieve’.

These high flyers are definitely an act to keep a determined eye on; for if their eponymous first release is anything to go by, they’ll undoubtedly be jetting with the big dogs in no time!

You can grab Vallis Alps’ debut, self-titled EP HERE.

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