Independent Artist of the Week: Taylor B-W

June 23rd 2023

  • Taylor B-W :: Interview with Lill Scott

“I was born into this world listening to Michael Jackson.”

Like syrup, the smooth n’ sultry vocals of Taylor B-W have a fluid quality that allows her to quickly and effortless traverse a variety of musical influences, deftly combining different genres to create something new. FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week, she sat down with Lill Scott on Up for It! to chat about her latest music video, new single, and much-adored pet staffy.

The Marrickville-based artist shot the music video for her latest track Defiant in Tasmania with an old Panasonic cam-corder. The moody narrative of a situationship is collaged with scenes that give us an authentic glimpse into Taylor’s character.

“We just shot a bunch of scenes of me just being absolutely me, which is dorky, cheeky, silly, I can be dressed up, or looking like a dag…it’s just supposed to be representative of what a situationship is, and also when you want something more in the situation, in the relationship.”

Across her music, an ongoing exploration of topics close to the heart alludes to a level of openness and transparency that Taylor cultivates with ease.

“I think that’s the beauty of being able to write and have this creative outlet is that you can become an alter ego, where you can be more open and chat about these things.”

Her second-ever single ‘In Your Net’, which began Taylor’s low-key introduction to the dance scene, started as an obsession:

“It was a weird time in my life, where I just got sickly obsessed with someone and then you kinda, come out the other end and you look back, and you have this fresh perspective.” 

Outside the studio, Taylor is a proud dog-mum of Milly, a staffy who is not a personal source of inspiration…yet. 

“She’s a bit of a singer, she’s got that in her genes…” 

As her discography moves toward a more drum-n-bass direction, pay close attention to the sampling in Taylor’s upcoming tracks – we suspect Milly’s vocals will get a feature. Stream her latest single ‘Defiant’ with WUFO below and listen back to the full interview with Lill Scott above.


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