Independent Artist of the Week: Tawanda

October 22nd 2021

Zimbabwean-Australian artist Tawanda has taken the leap from the realm of song-writing and producing for others into the limelight. His second single “Trying” is a personal track which shines a light on the importance of mental health. “Trying” signals Tawanda’s presence as a force in Sydney’s RnB & Hip Hop scene.

Tawanda already has an abundance of production and song-writing credits under his belt with artists like Szn’s, Yawdoesitall, Bale and Makalita. He is now stepping into his own, following up his debut solo single “Wait” with the more sombre and serious “Trying”. This new track demonstrates Tawanda’s already established production and writing skills while showing a vulnerability and honesty that doesn’t often appear in rap and hip hop.

The single explores Tawanda’s own mental battles and the importance of pushing forward. The cover for the single reinforces its message, as it shares the names and numbers of various mental health organisations and services. Tawanda demonstrates his ability to use his production to build an atmosphere of optimism in the face of adversity, pairing the serious subject matter with flowery chords and upbeat drums.

“I’m feeling sublime, loving the energy, and it be feeling like this is my time…”

Tawanda’s positive attitude surrounding the topic of mental health is both uplifting and interesting to hear. It offers the listener inspiration and an opportunity to absorb Tawanda’s positivity into their own lives. Not only is it complex and unique in both production and content, we know it’ll hit home for a lot of listeners in the face of what we’ve all been through lately.

Stream Tawanda’s ‘Trying’ below.

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