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March 24th 2015


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Rum-soaked pirates wandering through the Spirit Valley.


It’s been a fairly big year for Spirit Valley. Only three months in and the Sydney rock duo have already released their debut album and are now rounding off an east coast tour. Pretty sweet for a coupla’ rum-soaked doomshine pirates.

The driving sounds of their debut album Give Trance A Chance tell the story of a journey of two mates; Dave Tomlinson and Chris Stabback, riding through a ferocious dust storm in an arid desert wasteland. A Chevy, a rum and peyote mix, and an enchanting mirage in sight. Top down. Joints blazing. Mind melting.

This album delivers a much more defined sound than their ominous Death EP; developing on their daunting dense reverb with more intricate guitar work and adding almost ragga-influenced rolling percussion. Earnest, growling vocals flood over the smashing snares, waxing and waning in an aching search for something.

The comedown is told in final track ‘Forever,’ the slow-bending descent back into reality. The Chevy burns to a stop and the oasis in the sand dissipates into expansive nothingness of the Spirit Valley.

You can grab a digital copy of Give Trance A Chance from their bandcamp for only 10 bones. Check it out HERE.

If you are in Sydney you can check them out on the final stop of their Give Trance A Chance tour. It might be the last time you see them for a while in these parts, rumor has it they are relocating to Europe.

WHO :: Spirit Valley
WHAT :: Give Trance A Chance final show
WHERE :: Tio’s Cervecria, Forster St Surry Hills
WHEN :: Thursday 26th, 8pm


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