Independent Artist of the Week: Saurah & Sach47

November 11th 2021

  • Saurah & Sach47 :: Interview on Up For It

The Western Sydney rapper-producer duo Saurah & Sach47 are on an ‘Endless Pursuit’ of greatness, pushing rhyme patterns, flow, melody, and cadence to deliver powerful stories about healing, resilience and growth.

Vocalist Saurah speaks about growing up in a musical home before the catalyst that encouraged him to take a leap with his music career.

“I was really affected when Mac Miller passed. At that moment…I knew the power of music. So I decided to take it seriously, acknowledging that I may have a talent, that life’s short, and I’m going to give it my all.”

Producer Sach47 began producing as a teen on his friend’s Launchpad, and has always aimed for originality.

“I just create whatever I think will sound good, no matter what that means. I’m not trying to emulate a certain sound, it simply is what it is. I always strive for something new.”

Reconnecting after 3 years, the project allowed the duo to meet in the middle of their respective styles and create something that speaks to complex human experiences. Characterised by the duo’s mutual perfectionism, their debut EP ‘Endless Pursuit’ talks about coming to terms with trauma to ‘push for greater dreams than prejudicially expected’, and hopes to ‘deliver enlightenment to those who are open to explore, experiment and dream’.

Taking influence from halftime drum & bass, experimental electronic, boom bap hip hop, trap, and production visionaries like Flying Lotus and J Dilla, ‘Endless Pursuit’ is emblematic of a duo with pure ambition and talent to match.

Listen to Saurah & Sach47’s debut EP ‘Endless Pursuit’ below, and hear them chat to Del & Bek on Up For It up top.

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