Independent Artist Of The Week :: Orion

January 20th 2015

1618673_354150984723718_276862022_nWith a constellation of killer demos, Orion is lighting up our walkmans again.

Out of Sydney, and made up of members from Oily Boys and Whores, Orion are a good step ahead of the old pub band, but are sticking with the energetic and unassuming nature. Distant beats and guitar heavy melody, mashed into garage-pop is their vibe; if you add a little bit of 80’s fervour and a touch of melodramatic electric know-how.

Meet as proof their four track demo EP. Unhindered by anything but the fun that comes from making tunes, it is glorious wind down/wind up/anything you need type-o-tunage with the edge of a band that’s been all across what it’s doing since their time in-utero. The EP is available as a Bandcamp pay-what-you will, or on cassette in case you find that sticker ridden walkman you loved more than anything else when you’re back at your mum’s house next weekend.

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