Independent Artist of the Week :: Nutrition

August 3rd 2015


Nutrition’s music is a delightful exploration into the mind and work of a true perfectionist.

Nutrition, aka Eli Coppock, has travelled far and wide from his sunshine-infused hometown of Byron Bay, landing in the darkened clubs of Melbourne, soaking up influences from techno, house, IDM and more rave-oriented tunes.

The journey so far has seen some real highs: including supporting LA production duo Classixx and playing the Die High Records showcase at the Electronic Music Conference. Now, Nutrition has concentrated his efforts into a three track EP, Conditions.

The release is testament to Coppock’s natural knack for intricacy and detail. The standout track would have to be the epic ‘Soluppgång (Pt. 1)’ – the Swedish word for ‘sunrise’. Much like its namesake, the 9-minute track builds its anticipation with expert levels of tension, until erupting into golden rays of energetic bliss.

If you like your electronic music tight, tense and full of energy, then Nutrition might be what you’ve been searching for. You can buy the full Conditions EP via his BandCamp


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