Independent Artist of the Week: Nikodimos

November 21st 2023


image: @tori.dinardo

  • :: Nikodimos on Up For It! with Kate Saap

FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week Nikodimos talks the mental health journey behind his new album, the similarities between comedy and music, and more on Up For It! with Kate Saap.

Nikodimos’ new album What Colour Is The End? is the Naarm-based multi-instrumentalist at his most personal, as he journeys from depression to love and healing against a backdrop of experimental jazz, hip-hop and psychedelic instrumentation.

“It started from a place of being really unsure of myself and exploring what it means to be so anxious and depressed while working creatively. The whole album took me about two and a half years to make, and by the end of the writing process, I’d gotten a lot healthier, had found love in my life and had found a lot of purpose and a lot of belief in myself.”

Nikodimos credits their positive journey to the support of their partner Tori (who he also collaborated with on the album art), dedicating the closing track ‘My Sunset’ to her.

“The sunset is the favourite part of my day. ‘What Colour Is The End?’ is like the end of the day, it turns into sunset, the end of my really long battle with depression and anxiety has come in the form and reward of my partner.”

But this darker subject matter doesn’t necessarily translate to a dark listening experience. Comedy is a big part of Nikodimos’ music, from the skits at the end of songs like ‘GREEN EYE$’, to his live shows and Instagram presence.

“Comedy, I think, is just the same as music. It’s just enjoyable. People can be having the worst time in the world, and then they see something funny, and they have a moment of joy, and music for me, it’s just all joy. I feel like comedy is also a great coping mechanism for all the pain that’s on Earth.”


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Coming out of this rough patch, human connection is something important to Nikodimos, with the artist hoping to take part in more community-based performances in the future.

“I feel like what music can be for someone like me is very self-serving and outcome focused. For some of these shows you don’t have to promote it, you don’t have to monetise it, the only idea is just trying to bring something to somebody that’ll lift them up for the day or for the moment. You know, just connect with someone.”

Listen back to the full interview on Up For It! with Kate Saap above, and stream What Colour Is The End? below.