Independent Artist of the Week: Naeem

July 10th 2019


There’s a special kind of hip hop flowing from Western Sydney; particularly from our Independent Artist of the Week. London born Bengali-Australian rapper/producer Naeem is bringing a smooth, effortless funk to his very King Geedorah-esque sound,  and we can’t get enough.

Naeem’s latest track Shiraz (listen below) premiered at ComplexCon Los Angeles last year. Officially released on the Gangster Doodles Gangster Music Vol. 1 compilation via All City Records, it featured alongside his original score for the short film Khana Khazana, which screened at the LA Short Film festival last year.

His track Crew was produced by Mohi and features Silentjay, who brings smooth, effortless harmonies into the catchy hook. The song is part of an Aussie talent-filled mixtape that is simply titled #7: Surf Jazz. The compilation is made by record label Wondercore Island, who have previously worked with Hiatus Kaiyote, Corin and Jaala. The series imagines a world where the surf jazz genre existed – a contested topic area.

Tangling genres is what sets Crew apart. The funk-filled intro is textured with soulful harmonies, synth vibrations and a strong undercurrent of bass and percussion. Naeem’s relaxed lyrics pair well with the catchy hook, before the song signs-off with a sample of youth political commentary right at the end.



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