Independent Artist of the Week: Mitch Tambo

August 21st 2017

  • Mitch Tambo :: Yidaki

Mitch Tambo, a proud Gamilaraay and Birri Gubba man, blends the powerful sounds of the didgeridoo with deep grooves and contemporary beats.

On his latest single ‘Yidaki’, named after the Aboriginal word for didgeridoo, Tambo bridges culture and connection through layered percussion. Combining the spirited vibrations of the didgeridoo with beats that belong on the dancefloor, Tambo’s sonic creations are captivating. As both a musician and a talented traditional Indigenous dancer, he knows a thing or two about getting your body moving.

Keep an ear out for Mitch Tambo’s debut album ‘Guurrama-Li’, a collection of corroboree songs melding traditional language and modern rhythms, out now.


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