Independent Artist Of The Week: Medicine Voice

July 18th 2016

Medicine Voice 5 - Photo by Jessica Chapnik Khan

Photo by Jessica Chapnik Khan 

Sar Friedman is the multi-talented woman behind Medicine Voice. Her sedative, soaring vocals meet with shamanic drum, harmonium, piano, organ and percussion in her latest six-track LP, I And Thou.

Her lyrics use concepts drawn from mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘Monomyth‘, and philosopher Martin Buber’s pursuits in understanding the “Other”. Having previously performed under the Heartswin moniker, Friedman has played in an array of experimental groups for over ten years, including Pink Mountaintops, Leopard Leg and Melodie Nelson.

Featuring the likes of Oren Ambarchi and Joe Tahlia, I And Thou showcases a raw, minimalistic and depth of emotion that lingers with you long after listening. It’s available now through independent Sydney label Provenance Records.

WHO: Medicine Voice
WHAT: “I And Thou” launch
WHERE: The Factory Floor, Factory Theatre
WHEN: 8pm Friday August 12th
HOW MUCH: $15 – more info here

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