Independent Artist of the Week :: Mallrat

September 7th 2015

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16-year-old Brisbane rapper Mallrat is in possession of a deadly combination: excellent taste in beats and an affable self-awareness in her lyrics.

The Brisbane rapper has marketed herself as the “Hannah Montana of the Rap Game” – with astonishing levels of success. However, Mallrat manages to defy even her own self description.

On her track ‘Suicide Blonde’, Mallrat interweaves 80s music references with lucid recollections of her memories with a self-destructive friend. The topics dart around from anecdote to punchline to feelsy one-liner – “Rollerskate / Devo’s really not that great / I hate it when you forget my name – in a delivery so well-crafted it feels completely seamless. Her lyrical athleticism is bundled up in a Tigerilla beat that’s so euphorically tropical, it almost masks the underlying darkness.

Mallrat is promising big things in 2016, and given her sense of honesty, her many fans won’t be disappointed. While you wait for next year, you can download ‘Suicide Blonde’ for free via her Soundcloud.

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