Independent Artist of the Week :: Lachlan X. Morris

July 20th 2015

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Newcastle artist Lachlan X. Morris’s folk crafts a humble beauty from the shadows of adversity and sadness.

The product of an intense week of tape recording in a punk studio in an industrial estate, his album Resurrector carries a unique cathartic spontaneity and authenticity of emotion that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Yet, at the same time, there is a clear mastery of craft here. Amidst the lo-fi grain, there is an undercurrent of seven years’ tireless gigging, building his skills, and studying the art of solo-songwriters Jeff Tweedy, Nick Drake and Elliott Smith to help develop his sound.

Nowhere is that more present than on ‘Wings’, a tender track made all the more impressive by his use of texture and timbre. Cellos, harmonicas and finger-plucking all accompany his deeply personal lyricism. This is a release made for driving out of the city and watching the green, rain-sodden hills roll by.

He’s currently in the process of creating his first full-length effort, but if you’d like to feel the full force of his emotional wizardry before then, he’s playing at The Vic On The Park on August 28th.

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