Independent Artist Of The Week :: Juvenal

March 17th 2015


Buckle up, for Sydney’s Juvenal is pushing the pedal to the floor.

You’re zipping through a lit-up motorway in the wee hours of the morning. Riding in total isolation, you can’t help but consider the adrenaline pumping through your body as a reaction to the fictitious car chase your mind has formulated. Soundtrack this event with ‘Controller’ by Sydney producer, Juvenal.

Known as Corey Furey to his mates, the young producer creates intense soundscapes through the use of frenetic beats and electronic production; fitting in snuggly to the speedy footwork and drum & bass communities. Listening to his first three tracks, the craft of Juvenal shines through in his ruthless destruction of conventional songwriting – allowing his talent to stand out amongst the masses. Probably why we’ve been rinsing his first single ‘Controller’ as of late!

Although his online presence is quite limited, you’re able to treat yourself to a free digital download of each of Juvenal’s tunes over at his Soundcloud.

Need more? Meet Corey and find out more about his history as a musician when he joins Dave Goldschmidt on The Bridge – Friday March 20 from 8pm.

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