Independent Artist of the Week: Juni

December 7th 2021

Photo courtesy of artist.


  • Juni :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Sydney-based Juni, aka Shauna Doyle, blends experimental electro sounds to create cinematic, atmospheric tracks akin to the works of Björk and Thom Yorke.

Juni started her musical life as a classically trained pianist, but said she found the stoicism required by the classical world to be too demanding. Instead, she became drawn to experimental electronic music; finding inspiration in the broad possibilities it invites. 

Her debut single ‘Berg’ is a “wistful yet optimistic love letter” to her future self. It’s full of dark, glitching percussive instrumentals that swirl beneath ethereal vocals, creating an expansive space for listeners to climb into. Juni experiences music as colours and shapes, which allows her to create fully immersive worlds adorned by different textures and hues. About the single Juni said: 

“‘Berg’ reflects pensively on what it means to completely lose the foundation of oneself, and the patient and hopeful wait for eventual return of connection.” 

If ‘Berg’ piques your interest, rest assured there’s more music from Juni on the way – her debut EP is due in early 2022! Until then, you can listen to her full interview with Courtney Ammenhauser on Up For It up top, or stream her debut single below.