November 30th 2021


  • JOEDOLSKI :: Interview with Courtney Ammenhauser

Hip-hop powerhouse JOEDOLSKI has managed to find a balance between old school wordplay and a new school style. Effortless delivery and vibrant instrumentals form the basis of his music. His sound is expansive and diverse and it’s got something that every fan of the hip-hop genre will love.

JOEDOLSKI was born in the small town of Prieska in South Africa’s Northern Cape. His love for music began in the church choir as per his grandmother’s persistence. An early introduction to the music of 2pac and Ice Cube amongst others by his uncles and cousins only added to this fondness.

Within his music the influence of these artists is clear. The piano-centric beat and personal delivery of his latest single ‘Garden’ is reminiscent of tracks like ‘Dear Mama’ by 2pac. JOEDOLSKI also counts the likes of Mac Miller and Lauryn Hill high on his list of influences. This comes as no surprise given the mellow nature of his music.

Now based in Western Sydney, JOEDOLSKI describes music as a “universal language”. It’s this element of music that has allowed him to adjust to the culture change of moving countries. Relocating overseas and obtaining his own equipment were major catalysts in him taking his music career more seriously.

“If you don’t work on your craft in your own space, you are not growing as an artist.”

JOEDOLSKI’s latest offering ‘Garden’ pairs clean production with introspective lyricism; transporting you to a tranquil backyard on a glowing afternoon. 

Listen to JOEDOLSKI’s chat on Up For It above, and hear his new single ‘Garden’ below.



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