Independent Artist Of The Week: Jess Locke

October 3rd 2016


Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and self-described bedroom philosopher Jess Locke grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, honing her skills as a musician before eventually settling down in Melbourne.

She did her first international tour to South East Asia in 2012, before returning to Melbourne, holding multiple residencies at The Old Bar and The Reverence. Locke released a string of bedroom recordings through Lesstalk records, including her debut eight-track LP, Words That Seem To Slip Away, in March 2015.

Recently incorporating a live band into her performances, the band completed a sold-out national tour with The Smith Street Band after the release of ‘Paper Planes’ in June this year. No stranger to alternative performance spaces, Locke has built a reputation of hosting and playing gigs anywhere from water parks and roundabouts to bookshops, back porches and cemeteries – so you know you’re always in for one hell of a show.

Check out her latest single ‘Paper Planes’ and give it a lil’ whirl, below:


WHO: Jess Locke Band, Burlap, Zzzounds and Snape
WHERE: Black Wire Records
WHEN: 7th October 2016

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