Independent Artist of the Week :: Jack Grace

August 24th 2015


Spanning across genres and influences at a dizzying pace, Jack Grace rewards the listener with every playback.

Hailing from a bedroom in regional NSW, Sydney-based songwriter / producer Jack Grace has made his bones writing, producing and performing with bands from the UK, USA and Australia, soaking up influences from trip-hop, footwork, post-dub, house and gospel on the way.

With these experiences and memories in hand, Grace is now on the way to release his first self-titled solo EP through his own independent label The Fantastic Association.

You gain a strong sense of his immense musical literacy on his  leading single ‘Hills’, featuring some stellar vocals from our previous Independent Artist of The Week BUOY, who Grace co-wrote and produced with on her Immersion EP

The track is a strangely beautiful collision of ideas, fragments, and sounds, full of jagged edges emerging from smooth gospel-esque melodies. While it’s all the Jack Grace we can hear for now, if you’re itching to hear his next track as soon as it lands, you can check out his Soundcloud here.


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