Independent Artist of the Week: FELIVAND

October 8th 2018

Photo by Hollie Warner 

FELIVAND emerges with ‘Same Old’, a dreamy slice of R&B that’s equal parts thoughtful and fierce.

FELIVAND is the solo project of 19-year old Brisbane based artist Felicity Vanderveen. Felicity first started making music at 14, using GarageBand on her school-provided iPad to record and produce, and eventually put together a live band out of close friends Alice Mikkelsen (bass), Rhian Cruice (guitar/keys) and Jye Geltch (drums). Since then, FELIVAND have performed alongside artists such as Ivey, ASTA, Good Boy and IV League.

Felicity lists Chet Faker’s ‘Built on Glass’ as an early influence, and you can certainly see its impact on her dreamy, trip-hop-tinged R&B sound. Her debut EP, IN BLOOM, is the rich fruit of her adolescence and sees Felicity sharing her honest and pragmatic outlooks on love, purpose and personal reflection/growth: “I started writing this EP when I was 17, so releasing it almost feels like a rite of passage for myself.

Standout track ‘Same Old’ showcases FELIVAND’s laid-back yet expressive approach and demonstrates a remarkable level of polish for such a young artist. Soulful and sophisticated, ‘Same Old’ foreshadows a promising career for an exciting artist.

Check out ‘Same Old’ below:

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