Independent Artist of the Week: Doris

May 25th 2023

  • Doris :: interview with Lill Scott

Doris’ music is chaotic, collaborative, inspirational and occasionally contradictory. Just like life. The Newcastle-based five-piece capture vignettes with their sound, using genre as a medium to tell stories about the painful and the mundane.

Up For It!’s Lill Scott chatted to Ziek, Myles and Bronte about their upcoming EP Birthday Cards, the pains of customer service and being vulnerable on stage. 

Doris’ compositional approach is flexible, allowing each band member to draw from an eclectic range of sources. They cite everything from Sonic Youth and Black Country, New Road to Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath as influences.

“The EP has a couple different moments of a folk-acoustic approach, but a lot of it is based around electric guitar…and a lot of fuzz-petals are used.”

The slow, ambient intro to ‘Dirt Pool’ is a product of keyboard-player Myles, who collaborated with front person Ziek to craft the track’s undertones of experimental synth, inspired by Sonic Youth’s ‘I Love You Golden Blue’.

The emo-folk echoes in ‘Teeth’ present a departure from Doris’ usual stride, and for Ziek, performing the song meant they challenged to open up on-stage. 

“At some point, I think the song almost became a moment of confidence, that I could say that and be vulnerable. I used the song in a way of teaching myself that it’s okay.” 


That shoe-gaze punk-rock mash-up we love so much on the track is sure to be flowing through into Doris’ debut EP, coming out on June 15. In the mean time buy/stream their latest single below and, to further fuel your excitement, catch the band playing at The Hive Hamilton (details below). 

WHO: Twine // Doris // Sondar // Freezer
WHERE: The Hamilton Community Hive, Newcastle
WHEN: 6pm, Saturday 10 June
HOW MUCH: $15 at the door, more info here


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