Independent Artist of the Week: DIN

May 28th 2018

Photo by Jordan Munns

FBi SMAC darling Rainbow Chan pairs up with pal, and fellow Northern Lights alumni, Alex Ward (aka Moon Holiday) to explore club-ready sounds they couldn’t elsewhere.

What exactly is their project about? Chan nails it in 10 words (or less): “DIN is soft, hard, a bit shapeless and very collaborative.” After carving out their own electronic sounds under solo monikers, close friends and Sydneysiders Chan and Ward decided to take un-utilized ideas and play with them within a less restrictive bracket. “Loosely, it’s ‘dance’ music, but we want to have fun and not be precious,” says Chan.

After taking to Sunset with Body Promise for an inaugural mix in September 2017, the duo premiered two new tunes: the spacey club track ‘Jinni’, and the darkly mechanical ‘Uh’ – both, ultimate instrumental late night soundtracks. Having just released their self-titled cassette earlier this monthly, DIN has pushed, pulled and cemented those sounds even further.

If sounds of the jungle were automated, cassette halfway point ‘Warm Up’ is where you’d find some of ‘em. Pushing their individual sonic palettes to a new zone, Chan and Ward harness the ability to hypnotise and get you moving.

Get free here:

DIN by Din is available now via Moontown Records

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