An Inaugural Mix From Din On Body Promise

September 22nd 2017

  • Din :: Sunset with Body Promise

Friendship is so often the foundation of fruitful opportunity. Din appear to be applying this philosophical nugget as a guide in life, being the pairing of close friends and fellow Sydney musicians Rainbow Chan and Alex Ward (aka Moon Holiday).

Din recently joined Body Promise to take us through a selection of their most coveted tracks from home and abroad. Sprinkled in the mix are their hot off the press productions which they will be putting front and centre for their first ever live show at Soft Centre.

Listen back to the full show to hear some carefully chosen words from Din or check out the mix here!

Batu – Off Court
Waterhouse – 3415
Fake – Low Res
The Golden Filter – Vibrational
Head High – Power Seat
Physical Therapy – Huff
Din – Jinni
1800 Haight Street – LCD Casualty
Rita Furstenhof – Hadron Collider
Charles – Ham
Laurel Halo – Jelly
Container – Funnel
Enderie – Let Systems Decide (A Laser Beam)
Chunyin – ???
Tiga – Bugatti
Din – ???
Samo DJ & Tzusing – Hollabackboi

Get the event details for Soft Centre here.

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