Independent Artist of the Week: Cult Shφtta

September 2nd 2019



Self-proclaimed “mutants” Cult Shφtta deliver hallmark lyricism and surreal visuals with their new track ‘My Wayz’.

Another jewel in the crown of the burgeoning Western Sydney rap scene, Cult Shφtta’s Charles X and Lil Golo are shining on the international stage, after just finishing a creative stint in Thailand.

The duo established a lot of momentum in 2018 – signing with Poster Child Records, opening for major international acts, and collaborating with Manu Crooks, Moonbase & more. On stage they are explosive – they cut their teeth performing at a constant stream of festivals, and live shows like Splendour, Field Day, OAF & Enmore, plus more recently Atlantis Water Festival in Thailand.

2019 is no different: they’ve been pumping out tracks (Miss U, Know Me , MK Ultra, Gleem), all of which have been paired with their trademark other-worldly videos.

This project is for visual consumption as much as it is about producing music. Sometimes their videos are surreal and misty, while at other times, they verge on an Enter-The-Void style hallucinogenic and hyper-realistic frame. The world they create feels divorced from time and space, in a state-less Bladerunner style futuristic super city.

‘My Wayz’, with video directed by Aaron Bull, is the most recent addition, and of course, showcases the boys edgy street-wear styles.


WHO: Cult Shφtta, Lil Spacely and more
WHAT: Wednesdays at the Beachy
WHEN: 8pm, Wednesday September 11
WHERE: Beach Road Hotel Bondi
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