Independent Artist of the Week :: Corin

October 5th 2015


Sydney artist Corin delves into the techniques of the past to create a stunning vision of the future.

Electronic producer Corin Ileto is guided by the digital and the emotional, with tight sequences often suddenly giving way to more organic, complex harmonies and rhythms. It’s a concept explored by pioneering electronic artists such as Vangelis, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Borden, but Corin pushes the boundaries further through modern techniques.

With a clear eye for aesthetic qualities, she has teamed up with Danish label Speaker Footage to release a set of 100 cassette tapes, containing her Wave Systems LP. The release is a genre-defying conceptual exploration of Ileto’s relationship “with the water”, with a heavy emphasis on live processing.


The lead single of this LP is ‘CDA’, or Compact Disc Audio. Living up to its name, CDA thrums with an ancient-like quality, with glitchy, distorted drums beating against an ethereal synth soundscape.

If you missed out on the physical release, don’t panic – you can stream the whole LP on Speaker Footage’s BandCamp.


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