Independent Artist Of The Week :: Catlips

February 24th 2015


Cooler than a fridge full of sunglasses.

Catlips is the type of gal who likes her team bonding experiences to include 288 chicken nuggets, has blue hair, and is cooler than the refrigerator she keeps her whack sunglass collection in.

Katie Campbell, aka Catlips, swung onto the scene as the keyboardist for Kučka, and has since been inducing uncontrollable dancing with her vibrant electric solo-production across her hometown of Perth, even adding a Boiler Room set to her repertoire.

Catlips has packed electro pop, experimental and classic Chicago house beats into a (cat) meat processor and churned out a brilliant little EP full of fluttering twists and chiming textures.

‘Fade’ is the first single off the Casual EP, which out on the 6th of March on Pilerats Records.


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