Independent Artist Of The Week :: Canvas

April 1st 2015


Allow Canvas to teach you a thing or two.

By day, he’s standing before a classroom full of children at a primary school – but his projects at home don’t just consist of grading homework. Driving the musical identity of Canvas is 24-year old producer, Owen Fitzgerald. Inspired by his love of the ocean, the young Sydneysider creates euphoric house tracks, comprised of generous layering that generates a unique edge – which his latest single, ‘Movement’, epitomises.

Propping the song up on his easel, Canvas paints ‘Movement’ with ascending beats, intriguing, foreign vocals, and a combination of both blunt and sharp textures that accumulate as the track progresses. Executed through the use of rich colours and interesting shapes, ‘Movement’ is a promising representation as to how Canvas’s forthcoming EP is to pan out.

With this new material expected to drop very soon, acquaint yourself with Canvas’s first three tracks via his Soundcloud. Be sure to keep up to date with him on Facebook, too!

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