Independent Artist Of The Week :: Black Stone From The Sun

April 21st 2015

Black Stone

They’ll leave you just a stone’s throw from reckless abandon.

What ever happened to just pure, noisy rock & roll, you ask? Black Stone From The Sun. Comprised of Sean Mackay and Jack Nelson, the Perth duo formed back in 2012, simply as a result of sharing the same musical interests.

Turning heads with their accelerating distortion and heavy drumming, they’ve already dropped one self-titled EP and given up the first single from its follow-up: ‘Pastel Roses’.

Governing the limitations of a two-man-band, Black Stone From The Sun creatively break out from a potentially repetitive sound by flirting with alternating textures, levels and overall impact.

Holding our hand with friendly intent, ‘Pastel Roses’ leads us into a space hosting a light guitar riff and the near-spoken, grim vocals of Sean Mackay. Introducing a controlled, percussive beat, this hand we’re latched onto progressively squeezes tighter, eventually throwing us into a deep well of thick distortion, a throaty lyric execution and pulsating drum thrashing. Jeering us back and forth into these differing themes, it’s undoubtedly a song of surprise that will consistently keep you on your toes.

‘Pastel Roses’ is the first single from Black Stone From The Sun’s second EP, due for release in 2015. Keep up to date with the duo on their Facebook page.

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