Independent Artist of the Week: Billymaree

December 7th 2020

Billymaree’s deep, sensual R&B is “dedicated to making you feel”.

Self-described as “a love letter through time”, Billymaree’s music draws upon elements of 80s and 90s R&B for a sound that stretches well beyond her years. Her knack for intimate, rich lyrical flows is her biggest drawcard, creating an alluring world within the slow, lush beats of her music.

Early 2020 uploads to Soundcloud ‘Tonight’ and ‘Somewhere (Slow)’ set the tone for what was to come from Billymaree, with a moody, soulful feel enveloping both tracks. ‘Down’, her latest release, elevates this to a new level. Dripping with powerful sensual energy, it’s a perfect showcase of her angelic vocal range.

She’s precise with the notes she hits and utilises her voice in a number of ways to create an intricate tapestry of sound. The vocal hook of the chorus is surprisingly addictive. It works its way into your brain in a way that will have you humming it later in the day without realising. The layers of ‘Down’ reflect the depth of Billymaree’s songwriting, with everything from the soft synths to the clever lyricism working together to construct a broody, late-night atmosphere.

At just 20, Billymaree has the whole world in front of her. The tracks she has released this year demonstrate a prowess for after-hours R&B of the highest calibre, perfect for melting away into the night. 2021 can only be brighter for one of Sydney’s emerging R&B stars.

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